I hope this message finds you well, as I see that the last one of these was posted a few years ago. I got the book yesterday at a local game shop. I know the book said to just take the book, but I felt that I should give the store a break and just buy it. When I read it, I was instantly intrigued. I thought that it was so cool, and I got into the little role-playing aspect of the whole thing. I was determined to deliver the package on time. I knew I wanted to give it to a stranger, because I felt that it would be a little more fun and exciting. I ended up writing a pen-pal style letter to this unknown stranger. I got a similar anonymous letter left on my car once and it brightened my day. I felt like I could do a similar thing, but with this book. Then today, I was out to lunch with my brother. I had the package and the book with me because I knew that this was my best chance to find someone to receive it. I spotted two college age girls eating across the restaurant. I had to gather up a lot of courage at this point. I didn’t have much experience with approaching random strangers, but I knew it would be worth it. I noticed that they were about to leave, so I had to act fast. I got up, and approached them. I directed my conversation to one of them, just to simplify the package exchange. I just said that I needed to give her the package. She was a little confused, but gracious enough to take the package, sign the ledger, and take the book without much question or complaint. I said thank you and walked away. Although it was a little nerve wracking, the experience was really awesome. Thank you for forcing me out of my comfort zone. This is such a cool idea.

Sincerely, James – Former Stork

Ruthless Diastema Podcast

The Ruthless Diastema Podcast had some nice thing to say about The Stork. Check it out here: http://ruthlessdee.com/index.php/?p=2065

The Stork has been nominated for an ENnie Award!

The Stork has been nominated in the “Product of the Year” category for this year’s ENnie awards. The winners are announced at GenCon.

I am truly honored to have The Stork included in the same category as the other nominees, all really strong products. Congratulations, all of you.

Here is a link to the complete list of nominees: http://www.ennie-awards.com/blog/?page_id=2156

Delivery in Progress

Another Stork tale I received, this time from a Stork Duo!

My Stork Story… so far…

I was a Kickstarter contributor because I loved the concept of The Stork and was looking forward to being a Stork myself… but then life set in.

Weeks and weeks ago, I received my copy of The Stork in the mail. I’ve been carrying the unopened envelope around in my bag ever since because I knew that once I opened it I’d become The Stork and, well, I just wasn’t ready. But today, suddenly, I *was* ready. It was time and I was excited!

I opened the envelope, and read through The Stork with my mom. We decided to be The Stork together. We followed the instructions (almost perfectly), selected a Recipient and an appropriate Package. We will be making the Delivery this evening (to a Stranger even! or at least someone I only know online and will be meeting for the first time in person today.) I can’t wait!

Stork Wallpaper

By request, I have created a Stork wallpaper in various sizes. You can find it on the menu to the right, or by clicking here.

Strangers on a Bus

I bring you the first documented account of someone delivering a package to a stranger! I must commend the bravery and generosity of this person. Really great stuff! Read their tale below.

Firstly, I received the package and was excited to open it up. After reading through the well illustrated pages I began to feel nervous. I’m generally a pretty easy going guy but the thought of trying to give a stranger a nondescript package and walk away was interesting. I wanted it to be a stranger – I feel as though that passes the message on better, has more impact and it truly is about just paying it forward and knowing nothing is coming back your way (maybe a thank you and some good karma).

As opposed from going about my normal day and driving to uni I thought I’d jump on the bus.. better chance to interact with someone. I picked a woman, about 35 years old and talking on the phone. After she got off her mobile I asked her if I could borrow her phone to make a quick call as my phone had just died (that was a lie). I suppose I was attempting to qualify her and know the stork would be passed on, even if only once more. I wouldn’t have walked away if she said no, I wanted to gauge though how she would react. Without hesitating she offered me her phone. I said “thank you”, and after a moment said “actually can you hold that for a second while I grab something”. It all became just a little more weird from here.

People around us started to look as I did my best to explain to this woman why I was trying to give her a mysterious object, in a box, with something rigid inside wrapped in an envelope. Very apprehensively she says “is this a bomb?”. Deviating for a moment I think some design aspects could be modified. Was a little confusing and can give away a surprise if you write what you gave them in the ledger – a lot to type so if ever you had a chance for to Skype would be great to talk.

After the initial awkward moments of my poor explanations and her puzzled questions (like, “is this stolen?”, “are you sure it’s not stolen”, “ok but what if it’s stolen, why would you give me this if it were yours”) she was smiling with her new (second hand but in near new condition) iPod touch as well as some foreign currency and a little note. The iPod was used rarely since I bought my phone. Was an upgrade from the tattered mp3 player she had clipped on her shirt.

My stop arrived and I just told her to have a great day and to pay it forward.

A nice lady that left me with a smile all day. I still think about who the stork is and what’s happening out there. Would love to hear the stories.

Stork Tales

Hey, everyone! I trust that everyone has received their copy of The Stork by now. I’ve heard a few accounts from friends about their experience choosing and delivering a package. It would be great to hear more stories. So please let me know what you think of the book and what your experience was like!

The Stork has landed!

Two big boxes arrived today via UPS! The book looks really great. No issues at all. The cover is a nice glossy red.

Over the next few days I will be mailing out the book to all of you as well as Indie Press Revolution. For those of you in the States, you should have your copy next week. It will be a little longer for our friends around the world.

Thank you all again. It will be in your hands soon!

Printing is Underway

I got the minor printing issue worked out with the printer and the job is now in their queue. Unfortunately, it will be about 2-3 weeks before it is ready to ship (they are a small shop that is very busy). In the meantime, I am working on a more robust web site for The Stork. I’ll share the link once I have something to show you.


I received the print proof for The Stork the other day. It looks really good. It will look even better with the UV coating on the cover. There was a minor issue on one page (a thing strip of the image was in greyscale instead of color). Once that is resolved, the printer can do the full run. Continue reading